Navigating a Post-Halving Market

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SunnySide Digital Founder and CEO, Taras Kulyk, sat down with The Mining Pod in May 2024 to discuss post-halving market trends in the digital asset mining sector. Revisiting this episode nearly one month after it aired, the discussion remains salient.

Consolidation talks among the publicly listed miners have only elevated, as both friendly and hostile bids are taking shape in real-time; these moves are likely to persist. 

An increase in M&A activity among the largest players highlights a gap in the services sector within the mining industry, which will be filled by well-capitalized service providers positioned to bring wholistic offerings for their commercial and institutional partners. 

Meanwhile, logistics constraints remain a modest concern, as impacts from various geopolitical tensions affect the transfer of and manufacturing of systems, components, and infrastructure. Lower-efficiency hardware and fully depreciated infrastructure have begun to make their way out of North America and into jurisdictions that offer lower-cost, stranded energy. Though, as Taras cautions, some of these regions have political climates where “winds of change blow pretty easily.” 

For new entrants to the sector, as well as seasoned veterans alike, a message that should resonate with all industry players is to align with the partners who remain visible, referrable, and who remain steadfast in executing on commitments to their clients.

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