Stronghold Success Story

Partnership for a Successful Transformation

Stronghold Digital Mining is a prime example of a company that has successfully transformed their business with the help of Cryptech. Starting out as a power generation company, Stronghold saw the potential in the mining industry and made the strategic decision to pivot into the space, while still maintaining their ability to sell power to the grid. This was no small feat, as the process of converting an 85MW power plant into a mining operation with portable data centers requires significant knowledge and resources.

This is where the Cryptech team comes in, providing clients with the necessary hardware, consulting, and connections to achieve their mining goals. When we met Stronghold in 2020, they were still in the vision stage, piloting a small mining operation and looking for a reputable seller to purchase hardware from. 

When the opportunity to transform a power plant into a mining operation arose, they were in need of a partner that could support them every step of the way. We rose to the challenge, providing hardware, sourcing clients for hosting, and offering invaluable industry knowledge and consulting services.

This example of mutual success is a testament to the value that a company like Cryptech can bring to the table. With our extensive knowledge and resources, we were able to help Stronghold navigate the complex world of mining and emerge as a major player in the industry. And for Stronghold, this partnership has allowed them to quickly scale their mining operations, ultimately resulting in an IPO in 2021 that led to them becoming one of a handful of publicly traded mining companies in the US.

Achieving Goals Together

Today, Stronghold is a vertically integrated, environmentally beneficial Bitcoin mining company that owns their own generation and powers their operations through the reclamation of coal refuse sites across Pennsylvania, effectively remediating the impacts of coal mining in environmentally neglected areas. 

“They have longstanding relationships with leaders in the industry,” Stronghold’s CEO Greg Beard said of Cryptech. “Their expertise is handy to have, and they’re very approachable and friendly.” 

Stronghold Digital Mining’s success story with Cryptech demonstrates the value of finding the right partner when venturing into a new industry. With the right support and resources, many individuals and companies have the potential to become leaders in the world of cryptocurrency mining. Cryptech’s commitment to our clients and our expertise in the mining industry make us the ideal partner for companies looking to make a similar transformation. Contact us to see how we can help your business reach new heights.

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